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two people are chopping an onion together
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αтнєиα χυє - Google+
two pictures one with a boy and the other has a camera
Lucky future wife :3
a cat sitting on top of a pair of shoes next to someone's feet
bts | Tumblr
Puppy Jimin doesn't want Jungkook to go
four different pictures of a young man with his head down and the words lookin't cause u don't treat me right let me
Oh my
an image of a person with white hair and grey shirt smiling at the same time
two people standing next to each other in front of a screen with the caption when your bandmate is literally the shining sun
My baby and hobi Even sunglasses won't protect your eyes from his radiance..
bangtan boys {reactions, imagines, & preferences}
I died of sudden adorableness attack
Where stories live
Coordi-noona probably told him to stay still and of course he would not
he's the definition of perfection
an image of some people on their cell phones with the text bts - memes
I'd rather do both myself, thank you<<<that is what I call a good comment
two young men sitting next to each other on top of a black stage with one holding a cell phone
three different pictures of the same person with their hands in the air and one smiling
Chimchim's smile is so cuuuute
an image of a woman with red hair and black clothes on, in front of a white background
Gente, sinceramente... Acho que é com esse pensamento que quando um idol mostra suas imperfeições as fans ficam bravas ou indignadas, gente... Não existe ninguém perfeito... Ele é lindo! Lindo mesmo! Mas ninguém ninguém mesmo é perfeito.