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an outdoor shower with plants and towels hanging on the wall next to potted trees
a pair of sandals and a bag on the sand
Summer :)
three wooden stools sitting next to each other on a cement floor under a tree
A dreamy treehouse in Tulum Mexico - september edit
A dreamy treehouse in Tulum Mexico With a ticket booked for Spain in august, I am still craving more tropical destinations. Mexico is a place I have still yet to discover and this dreamy treehouse in Tulum is definitely a place I would book in a heartbeat. Tulum Treehouse is created by a diverse group of local artisans, builders, craftspeople and international designers. The makers come from very different backgrounds but are united in their commitment to using local, organic, sustainable mater
a wicker chair sitting on top of a cement floor
Scorpios Mykonos (Extension 2017)
a woman sitting at an outdoor table holding a glass of wine
ITALY ON FILM. - lolita says so
the words be wild, but stay soft happiness is written in brown on a white background