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a white background with the words this meeting could have been a fist fight
an old photo with the caption that says, everyone boo this man
a man wearing a cowboy hat standing in front of a chandelier with the caption when teenagers say 90's music is for old people i've never hit a kid before
This is how I feel about selfishness and greed. 😎😆😆😆  ........... #laughing #memes #memesdaily #funny #journalgirljaclyn #selfish #greedy #greed #universe #energy
This is how I feel about selfishness and greed. 😎😆😆😆 ........... #laughing #memes #memesdaily #funny #journalgirljaclyn #selfish #greedy #greed #universe #energy
a man sitting in front of a tv with the caption'welcome to your 40s kurt loder is 76 years old now, have a nice day '
a raccoon sitting on top of a white wall with writing all over it
there is a bed with a cartoon girl on it and the words tgib thank god it's bedtime
a man holding a drink with the caption me an hour late to work like sorry there was traffic
Funny Coffee Quotes, Coffee Memes and coffee lovers (CoffeeMemes1) - Profile | Pinterest
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the tweet is being posted to someone on their phone, and it looks like they