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Engagement and Participation

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How is the anti-CRT movement harming and silencing teachers, what damage will it ultimately do to students, and what can be done to fight it? | Cult of Pedagogy

Politics of Education

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This fist to five chart is made to be printed in color on 11x17 and can be easily seen in a classroom.  The digital file can also be displayed on an interactive whiteboard or other projector based systems.  This is a quick formative assessment tool to use as you teach!. The fist to five categories have been edited to match the five point scale used with behavior and voice levels.


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You may not picture teachers as a revolutionaries, but some of the best teachers perform revolutionary acts every day. Because sometimes you have to break the rules to do what’s best for kids. | Cult of Pedagogy

Advocating for Students

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The research on motivation isn’t hard to find, but it seems it's easier to blame outside forces than it is to make big changes in the way we teach. Here are five questions we can ask about what we are doing to help unmotivated students. | Cult of Pedagogy

Student motivation

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These Jamboard math templates are great for digital math maniupliatves and math mats for elementary students. Use these Google Jamboard activities for small group math instruction or whole group. Google templates can be used for problem of the day, counting coins, place value, area, fact family activities and 100s charts problems. Students can also use these templates as a digital interactive math notebook. Just assign them through Google Classroom. Project these during your math mini-lessons.

Educational technology

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Group work

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Use these 9 practical ideas to plan a systematic approach to teaching spelling.
Elementary teachers can use a variety of strategies and exercises to help students build up their spelling skills.
How to Teach Spelling using a Research-Based Approach — Ascend Smarter Intervention


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Games recess

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Classroom decoration

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Behavior Issues

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Kindergarten and Mooneyisms

Social Emotional Skills

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The Importance of Maslow’s Fourth Tier | Cult of Pedagogy
The Importance of Maslow’s Fourth Tier | Cult of Pedagogy

Student psychology

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Play the pig dice game! 6 different ways to enjoy this simple and fun game of jeopardy that teaches math, probability and rewards turn taking!

Fun math games

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Phonological awareness & letter recognition

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Retrieval Practice: The Most Powerful Learning Strategy You're Not Using | Cult of Pedagogy
4 Laws of Learning (and How to Follow Them) | Cult of Pedagogy

Learning Strategies

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In his book, "Good Thinking," Erik Palmer gives us ways to help students see the argument in a variety of situations, and learn how to construct and deliver their own thoughts. | Cult of Pedagogy
This critical thinking activity is all about getting your students to think deeper and to synthesize in your elementary classrooms! Students will love this engaging activity!
Teachers make two specific mistakes with higher-order thinking tasks more often than any other. Avoiding these two errors should go a long way toward making the “higher-order” label more accurate in your classroom. | Cult of Pedagogy

Higher order thinking

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This is a hard good item. This is NOT digital. There is no download included. Find this on my website: (Save $5 no Etsy fees) https://carolynscreativeclassroom.com/anchor-charts/ You will receive: Printed, laminated and cut out anchor chart ready to use! There are NO holes punched in the anchor chart. You may add holes using hole punch or add magnets to the back.   Sizes: There are 2 sizes: Large 24 x 36 Medium 18 x 24 (You can find my desktop charts and MINIS only on my website) How to Use: Anc
No Student Poster

Building a safe and welcoming classroom

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Critical Race Theory

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Learning theory

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This cooperative learning strategy takes the idea of "working in pairs" up a notch.
How to Use the Concept Attainment Strategy | Cult of Pedagogy

Teaching strategies

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b and d, p and g.......love this idea!! :D
Pictures of staff holding their favorite book in front of their faces. Kids have to guess who's behind the book! I love this idea!!

Lang Arts Teaching

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Discussion and Dialogue

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Mindset chart for students to complete
▶ The Berenstain Bears Get The Gimmies (1-2) - YouTube Great story for teaching wants and needs. For more pins like this visit: http://pinterest.com/kindkids/charlotte-s-clips/
12 Ways To Keep The Kiddos Calm

Social-Emotional Skills books

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