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The Bracement's handmade bracelets are perfect for any special occasion or when you just want to treat yourself!  Create your own custom stretch bracelet for something truly unique.  I will work with you from start to finish to turn your vision into reality. To begin, simply select size then choose a specialty bead you want from the drop-down menus.  During or after making your purchase, send me a message with your desired color of gemstone/ bead colors from the options below and can be viewed i


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Nature As Metaphor "Memories of Seafoam" series on Behance

Decorate life. Make life happier.

sapphire blue

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several different types of pearls on a white background
an image of blue bubbles in water
Nature As Metaphor "Memories of Seafoam" series
Nature As Metaphor "Memories of Seafoam" series on Behance
the back of a woman's head with beaded hair and beads on it
Close_up of head_dress of comb and beads of a woman of the T&apos,boli tribe in southern Mindanao, Philippines, Southeast Asia, Asia | SuperStock
Creative necklace
Decorate life. Make life happier.
the diagram shows how to draw an arrow with two arrows and one end pointing upward
Knots & Rigs
Flower Bead necklace, Daisy bead necklace, Daisy seed bead Necklace, White Flower Choker Short necklace,Wedding,Bridesmaid,Gift for her
a white bowl holding a bracelet with charms and a star charm on it's side
blue bracelet🫧🐚
four seashells are shown on a white background, each with an individual's shell
Bracelet Designs, Jewlery, Gold Jewelry, Stacked Jewelry, Wrist Jewelry
bracelet | jewelry