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a drawing of a horse with the words, start of semester end of semester finals
Start of Semester End of Semester Finals | Finals Meme on ME.ME
an image of a man that is holding his hands up to his head and the caption reads, one crispy leaf hits the ground fall, is that you playa?
Picture memes wQKC0we27 — iFunny
someecards i'd have better people skills if i worked with better people
35 Funny Workplace Ecards for Staying Positive | Inspirationfeed
a woman laying in bed with the caption sorry i'm late i had to stare at the ceiling and question all my life choices
Sorry I'm late I had to stare at the ceiling and question all my life choices.
someones while at work i ponder the fact that if i was in prison i would eat at least be reward for good behavior
Sometimes while at work I ponder the fact that if I was in prison I would at least be rewarded for good behavior.
four images with hands in the water and two saying managers hard working underpaid employees pizza party
Forty-Eight Silly Memes Meant For Frivolous Scrolling
two people sitting at a table with an open book and the text we have nothing but the highest disgard for all of your hard work
We have nothing but the highest disregard for all of your hard work.
an office space that has a man wearing suspenders and a tie with the caption, if the media in america could learn from this and start moving back to objective
31 Funny Working Retail Memes For Those Who Hate Their Job
a man walking through a grocery store with an upside down toy on the floor next to him
16 Times Shopping At The Grocery Store Made Parents Say, "I'm About To Pull My Hair Out!"
a man riding on the back of a jet ski
Home - LolSnaps
two clowns standing on some stairs with their arms out and one is pointing at the other