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an anime figurine with blue hair and pink dress holding a flute in her hand
Autumn Mooncake Festival Miku Nendoroid
an action figure is shown on a white background with orange and black hair, holding a knife
TreeNewbi My Hero Academia - Katsuki Bakugo: Hero`s Edition Nendoroid
a doll with pink hair and glasses is standing on a brown surface in front of a yellow background
Miyuki Takara (Normal Version) (Lucky Star)
an anime figurine with pink hair and red eyes is standing on a clear base
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Nendoroid Lúcio | Blizzard Gear Store Play, Character, Free Anime, Favorite Character, Mini Figures
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Nendoroid Lúcio | Blizzard Gear Store
the action figure is posed on top of a clear plastic box, with blue eyes and blonde hair