DON CRISTOBAL Photograhy and Collection HMUA by OLIVER BUMATAY & ANDREW JENIL with D&C Studio
17 Pins
Goth, Studio, Fashion, Photography, Style, Collection
a woman with long black hair holding her hand to her ear and looking at the camera
Crown, Crown Jewelry
an advertisement for the dc fever show featuring a woman's face with her tongue out
Summer, Lovin, Halter Dress, Sari, Saree, Photoshoot, Wardrobe, Model
Cover Photo Tops, Cover Photos, Photo, Cover, Women
Cover Photo
Mesh Top, Women's Top
Summer Lovin Dress
Summer Lovin
Summer Lovin
Summer Lovin
two women in white dresses are posing for the camera with their hands on their ears
Jovie Ann Rose Concepcion Featured Model for DC RUNWAY SHOW SEASON 2 hmua : Andrew Jardenil styling : Don Cristobal photography Charvin Valdez Torne at D&C Fashion Studio
GODDESS Goddess, Victorian, Victorian Dress