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an image of a book cover with words on it
a drawing of a city street at night with the caption'when you are ready to walk away, i will always be in my neighborhood '
a black and white photo with a quote about the road to nowhere on it's side
a pink and blue photo with the words for all three gritty things spinning wild from her control
- ̗̀ till death we do art ̖́ -
the words are written in black and white on a pink background with flowers against a blue sky
an image of water with the words may you never swim under the weight in it
☆I N S T A : @elle.martinez_☆
a poem written in the shape of an ocean wave
an image of a sunset over water with the words, rein life has changed the tone of everything
an ocean with waves in the background and a quote above it that reads, when you are
pinterest; karlirowl ♢♢♢
the words are written in black and white on a light pink background, with an image of
pinterest /// @emskibb
a polaroid photograph of mountains and clouds in the sky with an advertizer below it
an image of a desert landscape with text
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