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the logo for grace and blaze is shown in three different colors, including blue, white and
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Grace & Blaze is one of Sydney’s newest fashion labels. Made Agency created an elegant and unique brand identity that reflects the femininity and glamour of the brand. graphic graphicdesign logo inspiration madeagency sydney fashion couture identity branding business
the words give and records written in black ink
99 Creative Logo Designs for Inspiration
the logos for different brands are shown in black and white
Rowan Made | 2016 Review
the logo for moon, which is lit up in white on a black background with a circular
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Even though the typography is quite interesting, this cover really catches the eye with the minimal colors that really stand out against each other. It seems like something simple is the best way to go.
a large collection of black and white labels
Trailhead Design Co. – Handcrafted Graphics and Design Resources
Having a good selection of vectors on hand is essential for any designer. This ultimate collection of 60 vector badges and logos is an incredible assortment of vintage styled elements. Each graphic...
black and white labels for various types of items
Daily Design Inspiration!
Circular ogos have always been particularly interesting to me, and I like black and white, with script-like and/or simple, legible fonts.
the studio shop logo and other logos
Custom type design | #logo #branding #design for the Audio Shop
the word elefontt is written in black and white on a white background
50 Incredibly Creative Logos With Hidden Meanings
Clever Hidden Meaning Logo Design - 39
the letter n is made up of two overlapping lines and has a hexagonal shape
Personal monogram
the logo for nick van zutphen is shown in red and white, with an abstract
Logo Inspiration | #913
Nick Van Zutphen by Jarr Geerligs. From 24 Logos Inspire You
the logo for a photographer is shown here
This camera logo is simple and elegant. It works in several colors as well.
an info sheet showing the different types of logos and font options for each product, including one
What Your Company Logo Says About Your Brand (Infographic) | Entrepreneur
What Your Company Logo Says About Your Brand (Infographic) Read more:
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts in each country, and how they are
The Hipster Logo Design Guide on How To Create an Artisanal Logo
Hipster Logo Design Guide - by San Francisco-based designer Tim Delger \\ Haha
the circus of magazines logo on a white background
50 Incredibly Creative Logos With Hidden Meanings
Clever Hidden Meaning Logo Design - 48
some type of font and numbers that are used to create logos
[ options + #logo + #brandidentity ] Mon carnet: m comme muses