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a typewriter with the words need writing inspiration? try one of these 50 + short story ideas
100+ Short Story Ideas to Create Great Short Fiction in 2023
Short Story Ideas to Help You Get Published
an advertisement with the words, story opening exercise begin a story with the words if i'd known them what i know now, now, i never would have continue the opening for up to 500 words
50 Creative Writing Prompts to Enrich Your Craft | Now Novel
Creative writing prompt - story beginning
a poem written in front of trees with the words spin me a tale series on it
Spin Me A Tale: Short Story Writing Prompt#6 - Serenely Rapt
Spin Me A Tale: Short Story Writing Prompt#6 - Serenely Rapt
the seven point short story structure is shown in black and white, with an orange background
Book Writing Worksheets - Novel Factory
7 point story structure
an orange poster with the words short story ideas with a twist for middle schoolers
Short Story Ideas with a Twist
Use these short story ideas with a twist to encourage your middle-schoolers to think outside the box… and to be as creative as they can!
the words writer's plot idea generator create a random story line in white text
Writers Plot Idea Generator - create a random story line
Writers Plot Idea Generator - create a random story line
a recipe for fresh ideas to help you develop the plot of a story
Plot of a Story Writing Prompts
Are you ready to try your hand at crafting the plot of a story? Use these 15 writing prompts to brainstorm fresh story ideas for your next work! We’ve also created a simple six-step plan to help you develop a great plot for your story. Best of all, this approach works well for writers of all ages and experience levels!
a woman pointing at the wall with text on it that reads how to explain technology & magic in your story world
How to Explain Technology and Magic Your Story World | Brandon Miller
an orange background with the words dialogue prompt so you're a human like, one hundred percent actual human? i've heard scary things about you guys
the text on this page is very confusing
I've been looking for this for a long time! Hope it comes in handy for any foreshadowing in stories!
a text message that reads, i bet mermaids are really great as if they were underwater
a black and white photo with the quote when someone's heart breaks so does a piece of our world
Bonus points if you don't use magic girl genre or themes of paranormal power.
the first draft is just you telling yourself the story - terry prathett quote
"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story." -TP | Quotes
a woman reading a book with the title how to write relatable and believable characters
How to Write Relatable + Believable Characters | Character Development Tips
a white rabbit statue with the words how to write a killer first charter
How to Write a Killer First Chapter: (AKA What Your First Chapter REALLY Needs)
What does your first chapter need? What makes a great hook? Which narrative voice should you use for your story? This and more is answered in this blog post!