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a young man making a funny face while eating food
a woman with her face covered in fake makeup and text that reads, tama na plis
a man swimming in a pool with the caption kalako mababaww
a barbie doll with long blonde hair standing in front of a mirror and looking at the camera
the cartoon character is pointing at an angry blue monster in front of her, with words written
turuan moq nyan turu turuan moq nyan
a man holding up a fish in front of his face with the caption, kwento mo sa fish
a boy and girl are talking to each other
a woman looking through blinds at the camera
Strawberries & Cigarettes • Ran H.
pinoy meme memes tagalog filipino jokes joke mood challenge pickup lines pick up line Plato, Idk
gusto mo mamatai or gusto mo ma deads
a spongebob with the caption u mad?
[Image - 93211] | U MAD?
a girl is looking at her cell phone and laughing with the caption look oh