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the letter k is made up of neon lights and letters that spell out it's name
oh ok. then. -- had to run up front, trying to get more people in department, get a piece of equipment purchased, ask for help gettting something mixed (new input). sorry
some yellow balloons and green leaves on a white background
DIY Balloon & Fronds Tropical Party Centerpiece
DIY Balloon and Fronds Tropical Party Table Centerpiece Garland - learn to make this easy table decor for your birthday table, party photo booths or summer party decorations!
three different types of paper cut outs with flowers and leaves on them, one has a bottle
Capel Sour - Beverages - Package Inspiration
Capel Sour juices by Estudio Cielo. Source: Daily Package Design Inspiration.
an image of different cups with fruits in them
Squeeze & Fresh - Beverages - Package Inspiration
Squeeze & Fresh juices by Backbone Branding. Source: Daily Package Design Inspiration. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging #design
colorful tropical flowers and leaves are in the foreground
i am not a celebrity.
a bird of paradise plant with green leaves
Our friends, the flora. | Justina Blakeney
Bird of Paradise
an ice cream cone filled with flowers on top of a table
1640 - A SCOOP OF ROSES | LINE KAY (...etc)
Fancy making some floral art? These rose ice cream cones are a great idea for table decorations! #Flowers #AldiFavouriteThings
someone holding up a poster with the words love what you do on it in front of some trees
Minimal graphic design: 20 great posters - Blog of Francesco Mugnai
an array of different shapes and sizes are displayed in front of a camera on a tripod
four coconuts are shown on a blue surface
Coconut Dishes: The Taste of Paradise
there are many seashells and shells on the table
Mirror Mirror On The Wall