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the head and neck muscles are labeled in this diagram, with labels on each side
Muscular Human Anatomy
brain scans tech GIF by General Electric - Find & Share on GIPHY
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X-Ray Skeleton
X-Ray Skeleton gif skeleton xray
Fuck yeah, medical stuff!
Medicine aficionado. I have a passion for Medicine and Anatomy, so I decided to start a whole blog...
Conversiones básicas
College hacks that will save your life
Algebra Trick ✍🏼
Nursing Tips, Nursing Student Tips, Medical Coding
Different Imaging Tests, Explained
Medical Technology, Medical Terms, Medical Information, Medical Facts
Medical terminology (prefixes and suffixes) to describe things related to different organs - Awesome
Hematology, Phlebotomy, Acls, Anesthesia, Medical Science, Paramedic
Medicalce on X