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spongebob and his friend talking to each other in front of a tv screen with caption that reads, tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef
HERCULES MULLIGAN - Hamilton: An American Musical
two people talking to each other in front of a tv screen with the caption, no one's got the time
Oh my god, I'm crying
the simpsons characters are all dressed up in pink outfits and one is talking to each other
Can we take a moment to remember that Mabel has had a crush on nearly every guy she's met except her brother, grunkles, Soos, and all of the other old dudes in Gravity Falls?
two pictures of thomas the train coming out of a tunnel with caption that reads, someone's gotta keep the american you simply must meet thomas thomas thomas
what time is it? SHOWTIME!
there are many plants in plastic containers on the shelf and one is labeled we're running out
It will take a minute to understand, but trust me, it's worth it. (Especially if you are in LOVE with Hamilton)
an image of a man in costume on stage with words describing the story behind him
an iphone screen with the caption that reads things you don't hear in the cast recording
Things you don't hear in the cast recording part 1
some sketches from the book's storyboard
John Adams doesn't have a real job anyway
Incredibles/Hamilton Crossover I love this
an image of a cartoon character with the words i was chosen for the national convention
Hamilton Musical Non-Stop
a man in a suit and tie on the set of tv talk show burrr talks to someone
"Chins up, smiles on!" ~ Effie Trinket
an email message with the same person on it
I misread this and thought it said my favorite things the Hamilton characters have ever said and I was so confused
two cartoon comics with one saying, i have a sister but i want a little brother did you hear that?
What really happened<<<< no comment....
the cartoon shows an image of a man in jail
Our Shot (LAMS school au) - Chapter 6: A New Home
Our Shot (LAMS school au) - Chapter 6: A New Home - Wattpad
two men with long hair and beards are smiling
Javi in the background gives me life.
an image of a man in a blue coat and hat
me: *laughs out-fucking-loud at 2 in the morning, goddamn*