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the africa map is made up of many different colors and patterns on black paper with an orange background
the wall is covered with many different colored fabrics
Design Junction, London 2014
an art piece is hanging on the wall in front of a white wall with several different colored squares
interno18 surfaces store
07. interno 18 lostudiodesign
a wall with many framed pictures on it
Creative shadow box display a vintage fabric samples. Complements of Edleman Leather
an art exhibit with many colorful pieces of paper hanging from the ceiling
Interior Design
"Textile" installation
there is a wall that has many different colored ribbons on it and people are walking in the background
Community Art Project - Aunt Peaches
We will be weaving with fabric strips into a fence and it’s going to be AWESOME. No special skills required, but may involve sitting on the ground (read: keep your summer skirts and white jeans at home).
the wall is covered with many different patterns
there are many books on the shelves in this library, and one is made out of strips of yarn
Eye Candy: Typographic Wall Treatments
colored pencil art
a white wall covered in lots of different types of shapes and sizes on it's side
there are many rolls of colored tape on the wall
nike running — Open Studio Collective