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the words are written in black and white
the words, cwtch are written in black and white on a white background
Cwtch Welsh Definition Print by Fika Prints on Etsy
a young boy wearing a hat and scarf holding a drink in his hand while standing next to stuffed animals
a foggy mountain with the words uttwatien on it
a person walking on the beach with a surfboard in their hand and an inspirational quote about frisbees
a street sign sitting on the side of a road next to a tall building under a cloudy sky
a woman wearing a veil with the words arcane above her head and underneath her veil
beautiful words — Also, can we appreciate how Lana is aging like...
the words are written on a white brick wall with green leaves growing up against it
there is a tree house in the middle of the woods with words above it that read, latibule
an airplane flying in the sky with a quote above it that says querencia
an image of a river with the words confinity on it
a person walking on the beach with an umbrella over their head and words above them