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three fried pastries on a white plate sitting on a yellow and green tablecloth
Banana Fritter Recipe (Maruya)
Banana Fritter or Maruya is a fried food that makes use of “Saba” banana or plantains. The bananas are sliced or mashed and then mixed with a batter.
some food is sitting on a green leaf and it looks like they are ready to be eaten
Buttered Puto Recipe
Buttered Puto is a variation of the famous steamed rice cake, Puto. This steamed mini cakes are usually eaten as dessert but most prefer to have them during breakfast (with hot coffee or chocolate) or mid-afternoon snack (usually eaten with dinuguan or blood stew).
four pictures show different types of food on plates and in bowls, including breaded pastries
Maruya Recipe (Banana Fritter with sugar): don't forget THIS ingredient!
Maruya Recipe
a purple cake sitting on top of a banana leaf next to a bowl of crumbs
Sapin Sapin
Sapin Sapin!! Omg! I love this stuff! Filipino dessert right here! Yum!
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three desserts are on a plate with a fork and bowl in the back ground
Pichi Pichi Recipe - Foxy Folksy
Get this easy recipe for Pichi Pichi. A Filipino dessert made from cassava, sugar and water. Steamed and coated in grated coconut.|
some food is sitting on a green plate
How to make KUTSINTA without using LYE WATER
Yeap! no lye water ang aking ginawang Kutsinta...Ang point po dito ay yung cassava powder,,ang cassava powder po at ang tapioca powder ay i...
a white bowl filled with food on top of a wooden table
NameBright - Coming Soon
How to make Ginataang Bilo Bilo (Sticky Rice Balls in Coconut MIlk) #Dessert #Pinoy #ThirdWorldKitchen
two purple food items on a white plate with rice and other foods in the background
Authentic Puto Bumbong Recipe!
Cooking Puto Bumbong is now made easy with this recipe! See the ingredients and cooking instructions here.
a person dipping something into some kind of sauce on top of food in a black plate
Tuna Skyflakes Nuggets by Riceype
Homamade.Easy.Affordable: Tuna Skyflakes Nuggets by Riceype
some fried food on a cutting board with dipping sauce
Maling Sticks
INGREDIENTS Maling (luncheon meat) 3/4 Cups Flour 1 Medium size egg 3/4 Cups Flour PREPARATION 1. Cut the Maling in sticks 2....
a plate with some food on it and a fork sticking out of the top one
Lumang Pandesal French Toast
Lumang Pandesal French Toast INGREDIENTS 2 Eggs 1 Cup Evaporated Milk 2 Tbsp Sugar Stale Bread (Pandesal) Condense Mil...