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PetCakes can help you plan your next birthday party!
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three candles in a white box with dogs on them and the words meri mee 5
Every type of party needs a little extra shine!> Includes 5 candles 5 colors> Designed in England by Meri Meri
two women and a dog at a birthday party
Doggy Doodle Birthday Party!
a football themed dessert table with the word nn spelled out in green and red
Football Tailgating Party Ideas & Decorations for Adults (Fun Game Ideas!)
Football Party Ideas and Tailgating Tips
a green table topped with lots of food and cupcakes on top of it
Football Frenzy Themed Birthday Party
Football Frenzy themed birthday party via Kara's Party Ideas…
a bowl filled with dog food next to a plate full of crackers and cat's paw prints
Dog bone tortilla chips- soft tortillas, olive oil, season then bake
three white dog bone shaped cookies sitting on top of a black counter next to each other
Bone shaped clay Christmas Tree Ornaments Kids can paint them & personalize them!
a dog bone with a name on it next to some paper bags and a sign that says maya
Maya "borrowed" Bella as her dog for the event.
there are three balloons in the shape of dogs on top of a table with a sign that says paggie catherine
Page & Catherine's dog couldn't make it but they were there in spirit with a big portrait of their puppies!
a dog sitting on top of a table next to a bone
Claire's dog marks her spot at the party!
three people sitting at a table with plates of food
Make cakes for your pets in less than 3 minutes, then decorate them!
a woman standing in front of a counter filled with food and bags on top of it
PetCakes can help you plan your next birthday party - for both your 2 & 4 legged children! Fun for kids & pets!