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a brightly colored hallway with white and yellow lines on the wall, painted in bright colors
Signalétique Aéroport de Lyon
Awesome Airport signage concepts
several different types of electronic devices are shown in this graphic style, including computers and televisions
PearsonLloyd hospital redesign "reduces violence by 50 percent"
Signage system designed for hospitals "reduces violence by 50 percent"
a sign that says welcome level 1 in front of a wall with information on it
a person walking down a hallway with colorful signs on the floor
emma kinderziekenhuis | amc - Mike Bink fotografie | fotograaf Zaandam
Floor signage is playful and useful.
three restroom stalls with black and white designs on them, one has a yellow sign above the door
Cluj Arena / Dico si Tiganas
Cluj Arena by Dico si Tiganas in Cluj, Romania #toilet
an office wall with various signs and numbers on the wall, along with other stickers
ESPN’s Bristol offices to tell network’s story with help from Columbus’ 3d Branding – PHOTOS - Columbus Business First
Palette. An impact wall displays the connection between sports participation and empowerment through statistics and graphics.
an entrance to a building with multiple directional signs on the floor and arrows pointing in different directions
the world’s largest independent design consultancy
Arrows guide visitors to the exhibition in the Collab Gallery in the PMAs Perelman Building.
there are many signs hanging from the ceiling
Silo - Agency for spatial branding
Droog lichtbakken, Silo Design
an advertisement on the side of a building that reads incredibly light incredibby strong
NIKE Retail Interior | Flyknit at Niketown, London, 2015 by Millington Associates
two green signs hanging from the ceiling in an office building that says lift bathroom and restroom
an orange and gray sign on the wall next to a metal door with numbers in it
floor directory illuminated
floor directory illuminated by Opening the Book, via Flickr
a restaurant window with the words fresh gelato made today tomorrow written in white on it
I need to make some kind of cool floating glass sign. That would set the tone of the space, too.
the stairs are painted black and white with numbers on them in this modern apartment building
Marque — Glasgow, UK
Lovely, bold signage!
a man walking in front of a wall that says world of it's own
MoMA Design Studio
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