Zbrush anatomy

Enhance your ZBrush skills by mastering anatomy. Learn essential tips and techniques to create realistic and detailed anatomical sculpts that bring your characters to life.
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Anatomy Simplified Part 1, Glauco Longhi

Anatomy Simplified is my next series of anatomy/drawing/sculpting, my next step into trying to understand the figurative art on a different level. This was the first round done a couple months ago. Hope it helps :) Join me in the #anatomyJourney Stay tuned for more info and make sure to follow me on http://instagram.com/glaucolonghi for more posts and news.

Michael HDSN
ArtStation - Stylized Female Blockout v1, George Zaky Digital Sculpting, Female Explorer Character, Human Anatomy Female, Zbrush Anatomy, Game Background Art, Zbrush Models, Zbrush Character, Sculpting Tutorials, Anatomy Models

Stylized Female Blockout v1, George Zaky

Stylized Female Anatomy Blockout I did as a study. Finding the balance between sharp edges and the overall form was really challenging but it was fun Once again, Heavily inspired by the style of Disney Infinity It's available on my store here on Artstation: https://artstn.co/m/6YlKl Feel free to use it as a reference or a base for your projects. Any feedback is more than welcome

mingsong JIA
Croquis, Simplified Male Anatomy, Zbrush Anatomy, 3d Anatomy, Zbrush Models, Zbrush Character, Anatomy Sculpture, Man Anatomy, Anatomy Models

Stylized Warrior Anatomy Blockout, George Zaky

Hey Everyone, it's been a while :) My latest and most detailed Stylized Warrior Anatomy Blockout is finally out It is available here On Artstation at 25% OFF, (No Code required) Valid til 25/4 Here is the link: https://artstn.co/m/edLXb All done using Blender 3 Any feedback is more than welcome

Kailash SHAH