Y stitch embroidery design

Explore a collection of creative Y stitch embroidery designs to add a unique touch to your projects. Discover the endless possibilities and get inspired to create stunning embroidered masterpieces.
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Also known as: crewel stitch, stalk stitch, point de cable Through my research, I found out that stem stitch is crewel stitch. It is one of the easiest to be done and perhaps even one of the first stitches to be taught to any beginner. But, many...

Tawanda Woodhuse
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After about two weeks straight of hexies-only stitching (due to the reasons mentioned in this article), it will be good to (eventually) get back to some hand embroidery. Don't get me wrong - I love my hexies and I love their portability. But really, I love hand embroidery better, and I can't wait

deniz cebi
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Hi all , How are you ? This time we wanted one hand-embroidered bed cover. We bought this cotton light blue bedsheet. Using tracing paper and carbon paper we printed this floral design, all over the bedsheet with equal distance. The process was a little lengthy and time taking. But once the tracing work is over we decided to use buttonhole stitch with four stands of silk thread. We decided to do only outline instead of filling the whole design. That’s why the stitching was finished so quick…

Rosario Leyva