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The best Low Ab Exercises for women from trainer Christina Carlyle. See the instructions for this lower ab workout at Abs, Fitness, Pilates Workout, Ab Exercises For Women, Workout For Beginners, Best Lower Ab Exercises, Stomach Workout, Abs Workout For Women, Lower Ab Exercises

I find that the following lower ab exercises are the best for flattening the lower ab 'pooch' area women struggle with most. I get a lot of requests for exercises that target the low ab area, so that's what we're doing today. *I forgot to add a note in the video* For the Heels to Heaven exercise, I show it two ways. The first way tucks the knees into the chest more. This is a modification as it is easier than the second. In the second drive your heels straight up. You'll rock back a bit but…

Christina Smrecek
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Today we're focusing on dumbbell exercises for arms that tighten, tone, and boost strength. If your arms make you feel self-conscious this is for you! Lots of ladies I've been working with lately have been saying how insecure they feel about their arms. If your arms feel more flabby than fit, you're in luck! Arms are one of the easiest body parts to exercise and seem to get tight and tone faster compared to other muscle groups. The dumbbell arm exercises I'm sharing are among the best moves…

Mary Mason
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Nov 30, 2020 - Toned, tight glutes are a magnet to the eyes. You can do many dumbbell glute exercises, but only a few prove to give excellent results. Here's how to do the 5 best.

Katelyn Peters
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Looking for the best oblique exercises or an oblique workout for a small, toned waist? If so you're in the right place. Lots of ladies are trying to get an itty bitty waist and flat abs these days... which is why waist training was all the rage. But as I've already explained, waist trainers only 'work' because they force you to contract your abs in tight and it's the contraction that helps you get a small, snatched waist... not the waist trainer. The waist trainer just forces the…

María Barrantes Villalobos
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Having a workout plan is the best way to keep yourself motivated to workout, and to make sure you stay on track with your fitness routine. I do not like to follow other people’s workout plans, nor am I into group fitness. I am the person who loves to freestyle and do my own workouts.

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Get a glutes workout at home – an easy to follow routine with printable exercise chart and full instructions | These 4 exercises specifically target the glutes. Do them without ankle weights if you have weak glutes or with weights if you want to grow your butt muscles. One of a range of glute workouts available at My Fitness Planner

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