Wire wrapping tools

Discover the must-have wire wrapping tools for jewelry making. Create stunning wire wrapped jewelry with ease using these high-quality tools. Start your wire wrapping journey today!
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Choose the Right Wire Gauge for Every Style of Wire Weaving

Do you want to make wire jewelry? Are you wondering which wire gauges you should buy first? In this post, I'll help you figure out the right answer for you.

Lucille Howard
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Wire-Wrapping With Thick Wire | Studio 73 Designs | Free Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorials

Want to learn how to work with thick wire? TUTORIALS COMING SOON UPDATE APRIL 2020: I'm finally working on my first tutorial. It's been on my to-do list now for far too long. I make all my wire jewelry with stripped electrical wire that I get at the local salvage yard. It saves me a lot of money PLUS I am recycling ♻️ and that makes me happy 😊. Most of the wire that I get is thick, so I have learned to use that wire in my jewelry. I'm working on my first 'wire wrapping with thicker wire'

Denise Waterbury