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Vanquish’s VQ11 Jetski Looks as Good as it Performs | Cool Material

There are plenty of fun things to do on the water, but waverunners/jetskis will always be near the top of the list for us because they're like riding motorcycles on an expansive safety cushion. But honestly, most of them look like they're straight out of the 80s. Enter the Vanquish VQ11. It's no slouch in

Jarek Marciniak
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Kawasaki introduces a brand-new long-distance 3-passenger super-powerful Jet Skis. The 2022 Jet Ski Ultra 310LX model is the pinnacle of Kawasaki that committed to demonstrating the biggest change in its flagship in 14 years. With 3-passenger adjustable luxury seating and long-waited leading technology, this Jet Ski is designed with multiple purposes in mind whether it is just a leisure cruise on the lake or race-across the ocean. One of the most awaited features of this model is KSRD…

Didi Edgal
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Kymera floats fast, lightweight and powerful electric personal watercraft

​Jason Woods began his quest to build an inexpensive, easily hauled personal watercraft back in 2004. He introduced us to the Kymera in 2011, which went electric in 2012 and launched in 2013. In 2016, we spent some time on the water with the body board, and now the Kymera K-X2 has been announced.​


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