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Enhance your style with elegant Wallace Tartan accessories. Discover top ideas to incorporate this classic pattern into your wardrobe and home decor for a timeless and sophisticated look.
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Sir William Wallace (1270-1305) - Find a Grave...

Scottish Historical Figure. Though he has become a leading symbol of Scottish nationalism in recent years, details of Wallace's life are sketchy, with most of what we know of him coming from the fifteenth-century ballad The Wallace by the virulently anti-English bard Blind Harry. In May, 1297, Wallace and a company of...

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Wallace | Ancient–Modern Tartan & Clan Finder | ScotlandShop

Shop Wallace tartan fabric, clothing and accessories and discover their history. In old Latin documents the term Walensis is used to designate the Welsh, but in Scotland is more commonly used as a native name meaning a Strathclyde Briton and not, as is often thought, a Welshman coming in the train of the Norman…

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Edinburgh Castle, Stirling, Wiilliam Wallace Monument and Bannockburn Historical Site

Ok, so we did do other stuff yesterday but I figured I would save it for another post. THIS. Is that post. After ordering my tartan, we went to see Edinburgh Castle. The castle was really cool, although different than I thought it was going to be, maybe because it's still a working military installation and not solely a historical site. It's got some great views of Edinburgh: After that, we went just down the street to St. Giles' Cathedral. This was really beautiful inside and out. I think…

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