Vintage phones

Bring back the nostalgia with vintage phones. Explore our top ideas to add a retro touch to your home or office decor. Upgrade your communication style with these classic beauties.
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{Original image by Benedict Morgan} Continuing the biz tips series today, and winging in a super cool blog whiz, Melyssa of The Nectar Collective. We will be teaming up for some helpful topics in the coming weeks, and so happy to have her as a guest today! Hey blogger babe! I’m super excited to be

Embroidery By KM 🪷 Sui Dhaga 🪡
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VINTAGE TELEPHONE DECOR - Candlestick phones, produced from 1890 - 1920, are in high demand with collectors around the world as vintage home decor. Plus, let's face it, you'll look really awesome talking into the mouth piece the next time you order pizza! OLD FASHIONED TELEPHONE - This functional telephone includes modern features: push button dialing, adjustable receiver and volume controls, last number redial, and a clear electronic ring. HIGH-QUALITY - Based off historical models, our…

Kabysh Sergii
Rotary Phones--ours hung on the wall in the dining room & was this color  :) Retro, Retro Vintage, Vintage, Rotary Phone, Rotary, Telephones, Phone, Old Phone, Vintage Telephone

I love the idea of using a good old rotary phone, love the sound that it makes when dialing a number. Although I do own a couple I only use them as a decor piece and as an 'emergency' phone. I don't mind the long process of dialing phone numbers, the two things that keeps me from actually using it, is that most businesess now have an automated services and menus. And you can't use a rotary phone if you want to multi-task unless you're strap on your office chair checking emails, uploading…

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