Vegetarian sauces

Enhance your vegetarian dishes with these flavorful sauces. Discover a variety of options to add a burst of taste to your favorite recipes.
This Yum Yum sauce is super easy to make with fresh ingredients: theymade such a difference - no need for powders, do it easily at home. Try this and you know what I'm talking about. Blender or food processor recommended. And it is vegan too. #vegan #dairyfree #glutenfree #vegetarian #budgetmeals #comfortfood #yumyumsauce #homemade #dinner #lunch #contentednesscooking Vegan Sauces, Yum Sauce, Yum Yum Sauce, Christmas Food Dinner, Homemade Dinner, Think Food, Fresh Ingredients, Vegetarian Vegan Recipes, Tikka Masala

Yum Yum Sauce

This Yum Yum Sauce is beyond delicious. Super easy to make in under 10 minutes. It is made with fresh onions and garlic - no need to use powders, which will make this best yum yum sauce simply your favorite. Even pickiest kids will adore it in no time. No one would ever guess or taste it is naturally vegan and entirely gluten free. Seriously, this condiment is so addictive.

Jay Turlan
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25 Easy Sauces - The Plant Based School

Creamy, nutty, rich, or sweet, tangy and herby, these 25 sauces are the perfect favorite drizzle-on everything condiments. Take your pick from these dressings, pesto and dips that brighten up your salads, side dishes, and grain bowls.This recipe is for an authentic tahini sauce, one that is not bitter, with just 5 simple ingredients.

Teena Cannon

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