Unfinished cabinets

Transform your kitchen or bathroom with unfinished cabinets. Find inspiration and expert tips on how to customize and finish your cabinets to match your style and taste.
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If you joined me after I finished my kitchen remodel in 2014, you may not realize that I used unfinished stock oak cabinets from Home Depot for my kitchen. That’s all we could afford at the time (we couldn’t even afford IKEA 😀 ), so I went with it, determined to turn those unremarkable and...

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Get the exact color you want without paying for custom and paint your own unfinished cabinets! Let’s walk through step by step on what cabinet type to buy and how to paint them to last! This is a great way to save money while not sacrificing what you absolutely want! This tutorial specifically uses

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It is necessary to prime unfinished cabinets before you paint them. Raw wood will absorb a lot of paint and would require many coats to get the right amount of coverage. Primer will seal the wood as a base layer so that this doesn’t happen when you paint and gives nice smooth coverage

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