Twin pregnancy belly

Celebrate the beauty of twin pregnancy with stunning belly photos and get inspired by creative ideas to capture this special time. Explore tips for embracing your growing belly and cherishing the journey.
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Having twins is an experience, to put it lightly. Yes, I had twice the love about to pour forth into this world, but my body also underwent twice the pain, bloating, ultrasounds and doctors visits. When I heard the news that I was going to have twins

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As we approach the twins' first birthday I find myself looking back even more on 2019 and my twin pregnancy. It was a journey unlike any other. The way my body and mind worked together to get me full term was amazing. The way our family and friends came together for our boys was beautiful.

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I Googled my fair share of these type of articles early into my twin pregnancy and I didn’t love what I got. So I wanted to write my own little post to talk about the main differences I experienced and hopefully give you a quick glimpse into what it was like. Make sure to stick around and read a

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You didn't really think I wasn't documenting that bump, did you?! C'mon now, who do you think I am? I just decided about halfway through to hold on to all pictures so I could make one big final reveal. Ya know, give you the full effect of how this puppy grew. When I first started scouring Pinterest for monthly belly picture ideas, I knew I wanted to steer clear of the usual fruit/vegetable or chalkboard trend. I'm not actually against these adorable trends, it's just that...I had already…

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