Turkey ham sliders

Try our mouthwatering turkey ham sliders for a delicious and satisfying meal. Discover creative recipes and tips to make these sliders a crowd-pleasing favorite.
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Easy Turkey Sliders Recipe with Butter Sauce

With butter sauce and creamy havarti cheese, these Turkey Sliders on Hawaiian rolls are ready in 30 minutes and are a perfect party food.

Vanita Seymour
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Tropical Baked Hawaiian Sandwiches

Imagine biting into a Tropical Baked Hawaiian Sandwich. Where each layer. Tells a story of texture and taste. Soft, sweet Hawaiian rolls. Cradle thin slices of honey-cured ham and smoked turkey. Intertwined with melting Swiss and provolone cheeses. As they bake. The tops turn a golden brown. Under a glistening brush of butter mixed with poppy seeds. And a hint of honey mustard. Creating a crust. That crackles with every bite. These sandwiches aren't just food. They're a mini escape to a…

Kevin Shahan