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Discover innovative sustainable design ideas to create a greener future. Explore eco-friendly solutions and make a positive impact on the environment with these creative designs.
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With commitment and creativity, ZIVELI has built a strong foundation of sustainability. We have to admit that it’s not always easy to stick to the mission and turn down short-term opportunities; ye…

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athens-based architecture studio pieris architects has introduced a new proposal for the metropolitan sea airport to be constructed on an existing pier at the eleusis port, in greece.

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The Cotswold textile designer using seasonal, plant-based pigments to elevate sustainable fabrics | House & Garden Tela, Sustainable Fabrics Textiles, Sustainable Materials Fashion, Sustainable Fashion Aesthetic Moodboard, Sustainable Aesthetic Moodboard, Natural Dyed Fabric, Fabric Design Textile, Sustainability Moodboard, Sustainable Materials Interior

Meeting Charlotte Lawson Johnston at her new Cotswold studio, Christabel Chubb learns why fabrics made using sustainable fibres and plant-based dyes are the natural way forwards

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