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Discover a collection of powerful survivor quotes that will inspire and motivate you. Find strength and courage in these words to overcome any challenge life throws your way.
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A Simple Secret To Feeling More Confident & Free

I love to write. In fact, as a kid, I used to have dreams of writing a fiction book. I even started a neighborhood “magazine” with my childhood bff, Lindsay. I wrote movie reviews, neighborhood news, and “reported” the weather, always a few too many days behind. But I digress… Writing has always been a way for me to feel creative and free and like I was contributing something to the world. But when I started writing my blog, especially as my audience grew, I became nervous. Like super…

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Healing The Heart

Explore truth. Embrace intensity. Live a creative life. CHRISTINE FONSECA Start here Shop Books What would happen if you embraced intensity as a strength and used it to live an inspired and connected life? Book A Free Consultation Hi! I’m Christine. I understand what it means to live from a place of extreme intensity. Most […]

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