Stream pond ideas

Create a serene and tranquil outdoor space with these stunning stream pond ideas. Discover how to incorporate flowing water and natural elements to enhance the beauty of your garden.
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Setting up a vanishing-edge Koi pond offers unusual challenges to the watershaper. First, notes Scott Cohen, you need to accommodate the fish and keep them safe. Then there are the aesthetic issues -- plus a few details of installation that require extra-special attention.

Duane Francis Christopher

Do you ever look at your garden pond and think something is missing? Well, allow us to give you some ideas to help you transform your pond into something wonderful: all you may be missing is a garden stream! Dig a top-pool or small well...

Cristina Colli

I look at a lot of ponds each year. A LOT of ponds. At our store in Holland, Michigan, we have customers come in every day who are struggling with a host of problems. Most pond owners’ issues can be addressed and solved during the design and construction of the pond. How? By thoroughly communicating … Pond Construction 101: The Fundamental Blueprint Every Builder Should Use Read More »

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