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Enhance your embroidery skills with various stitch types. Discover top ideas to create stunning designs using different embroidery stitches.
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If you've never embroidered, have only just started, or only know a few of the stitch techniques, then you'll appreciate this Common and Traditional Embroidery Stitches Infographic. While there are dozens of embroidery stitches to learn, this downloadable chart features different types of embroidery stitches in pdf form. Save this chart and start working through these stitches or keep it handy for when you want to learn. Anyone who hand sews will want to memorize and learn the most common…

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This page gives you an idea of how the reverse of the basic stitches looks like. As a beginner, we are curious to know how the reverse or the back-side should end up - just to make sure that we are stitching the right way. So, I have picked the...

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