Spirit of mother will armored core

Experience the power of the Spirit of Mother Will in Armored Core and dominate the battlefield. Discover how to harness this formidable force and achieve victory in epic battles.
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J is the Commander of the Reaper Squad. He is a Cultivater, which is an artificially grown soldier cloned from a pilot of notable skill. J rides a Reaper Squad-colored F21C Stork (specifically a SCHWAN A-488 / C type) to transport other Reaper Squad members in and out of battle. Two years prior to the eve of the Verdict War[3], J cripples the up-and-coming mercenary AC pilot Blue Magnolia in a battle, putting an abrupt halt to her promising career.[3] The event is traumatic to the point that…

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The dauntingly massive Arms Fort Spirit of Mother Will from Armored Core: for Answer comes to you as a (not-so-massive) scratch-built model from the same guy who brought to us the recently featured Phosphorus Armored Core. This custom creation, which was actually built before the Phosphorus, is just slightly longer than your standard AC kit […]

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The 048AC-S is a middleweight Normal encountered throughout Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer. Based around the 044AC, the 048AC-S is a special operations Normal designed by the Bernard and Felix Foundation as an extreme-range arctic warfare sniper. The 048AC-S was designed specifically for the defense of BFF's Sphere Facility . This unit retains all of the advantages and reliability of the 044AC, with the inclusion of a more powerful and accurate sniper cannon, and what appears to…

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