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Dive into the thrilling adventures of Spider-Man through the captivating world of comics. Discover the best Spider-Man comic series and get ready for an action-packed journey with your favorite web-slinger.
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Spider-Man; Revealed DISCONTINUED - Chapter 2; Lizard

Spider-Man, a hero. Spider-Man, a kid. Spider-Man, is Peter Parker. Fury has been keeping an eye on the Spider-Man for awhile now but it seems every time he gets even remotely close, Spider-Man slips away. So in order to find out who this Spider-Man is he sends in his most valuable assets. The Avengers. The Avengers find him alright. But they're not prepared for who's behind the mask of Spider-Man. Cover art is not mine. This is my first fan fiction so go easy on me please. I hope you enjoy…

xander jokoy