Space themed awards

Celebrate achievements with unique and creative space themed awards. Find inspiration for recognizing outstanding individuals and teams in a way that's out of this world.
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10 Ideas to Create an Out of This World Space Themed Event

For event organisers, delivering a space themed, out of this world experience for guests means your can let your imagination run wild. From glamorous galactic experiences, to Star Wars inspired pop ups and the Milky Way ceiling installations, there’s something to appeal to everyone’s sense of exploration and wonder, and of course our playful inner child. Let’s explore ways to create an unforgettable, outer-space themed event that will transport your guests to a galaxy far, far away. Start…

Mindy Laponis
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End of Year Awards - Top Teacher

42 certificates in colour and black & white to award your students in their area of strength at the end of the year. These awards are in an editable PowerPoint format, so if you would like to type the student’s names/extra info in you can just add a text box!