Sourdough rye bread

Discover the art of making sourdough rye bread with these delicious recipes. Learn how to create the perfect texture and flavor for a mouthwatering homemade loaf.
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I’ve been on the hunt to create the perfect recipe for sourdough rye bread with caraway seeds. I finally figured it out!!! Light and fluffy, but full of rye flavor!

Brenda Kokinos

Sourdough Rye Bread has complex flavor thanks to sourdough starter, rye flour & a dash of malt syrup. Start the night before to have fresh bread for lunch.

Laurie Mullen
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Sourdough Rye bread inspired by the rye bread I ate daily in the Czech Republic. This rye bread is made with 100% sourdough, rye, whole wheat flour and caraway seeds. It is the perfect bread for a sandwich or to eat with a bit of butter.

Hannah Stull
Full recipe + video tutorial detailing how to make sourdough rye bread. This sourdough artisan boule is made with 50% rye flour, and includes molasses and caraway seeds for a unique rustic flavor.

Rye has a distinct flavor and texture that can greatly affect the final product. Rye flour contains less gluten than wheat flour, which can make it more difficult to work with and result in a denser bread. However, it also adds a unique nutty flavor and can increase the bread's shelf life. This recipe does not skip on the rye flour. With a near 50/50 combination of rye/wheat flour, a true rye flavor is sure to peak through. The additional water helps prevent the bread from becoming too…

Kathie Tvrdik Loewenhagen