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Discover elegant and timeless ideas for simple Filipiniana dresses that will make you stand out at any occasion. Level up your style with these stunning designs and embrace the beauty of traditional Filipino attire.
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How to Make Your Filipiniana Wedding Dress Rock: Wedding Dress Ideas - Barongs R Us

Looking for a wedding dress on your special day can be overwhelming. You might want to shopall the dresses you see in every boutique you pass by, or you might be undecided on what youwant to wear as so many options are laid out for you.

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Beauty Brand Sunnies Face Co-Founder Jessica Wilson's Beautiful Micro-Wedding on the Beach in the Philippines - Over The Moon

For her wedding dress, Jessica wanted to wear a traditional Filipino dress (terno) with a modern twist.

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Women's Organza Elegant Filipiniana Bolero Top Jessa LJRM145 - Etsy

Classic Modern Beige Bolero Classic Details, 100% Authentic Fabric, Handcrafted by Filipino Barong Weavers, Super High Quality & Affordable This very elegant and simple Bolero is the perfect outfit for any event. You can use this for parties, prom nights, or any gathering. This Bolero is designed to perfectly fit your body. The version of this Bolero is the bestseller but we can produce it in other colors as well. Made from 100% Fabric (Ultimate Premium Feel) Premium Quality Guarantee…

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Womens Collection | Modern Filipino Clothing | by The Mestizo LA

Discover the height of sophistication with our elegant butterfly sleeve Filipiniana bolero. Crafted from premium materials and expertly tailored for that perfect fit. Shop our entire women's collection today. Featuring modern Filipino Bolero, Lady Barong Tagalog, Blouse, Dress and more.

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SONA 2017: Chic headturners in "simple Filipiniana'"

Lucy Torres-Gomez and daughter Juliana, Heart Evangelista, Jinkee Pacquiao, Tootsy Angara, define what dressed-down chic is at SONA 2017.

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