Sick remedies

Discover natural and effective sick remedies that can help alleviate your symptoms and speed up your recovery. Try these remedies to feel better and get back to your normal routine.
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We’ve had sick kids this week! So today I’m sharing what I keep on hand for cold and flu season, along with a list of natural ideas to decongest and ease pain for little ones who are too young to take medication. You can watch the YouTube version of this post here. Keep in mind that… Read More When kids are sick printable

Mandy Braafladt
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WIth winter coming it’s time to get prepared for the cold and flu season. With a few simple herbal remedies you can get your family feeling better fast. A hot bath always feels good when you’re under the weather, so why not try a detox bath for colds and flus? It takes a good thing and makes it even better. This is one of my favorite herbal remedies.

Momo Oshea