Showing not telling writing

Learn how to elevate your writing by mastering the technique of showing not telling. Discover practical tips and examples to bring your stories to life and captivate your readers.
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How to 'Show Not Tell' in your Story Writing ~ Kathryn Rose Newey

😎🤡😍👁🗣📚 Writers of all ages: how to show not tell in your story writing. #amwriting #WriteTip #WritersLife #SelfPub

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Woman Is Kicked Out Of Parents’ House On Her Birthday After Losing It When Everyone Gave Her Mom Luxurious Gifts And She Got Some Dishware Instead

For some parents, getting a gift on Mother’s or Father’s Day or their birthdays isn’t enough.

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Showing vs Telling: 'Show, Don't Tell' in Narration | Now Novel

Show, don't tell is often-abused writing advice. Accomplished authors have been vocal about why telling is also effective. Read tips for balancing both and choosing the right narration type.

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I chanced upon this technique two years ago when I was surfing on the Internet to look for an effective way to help my students describe better. It has proven to be very useful and successful. One important reminder, though is that vocabulary-building lessons should be carried out prior to a Show, not Tell lesson, especially so with average and below average second language learners. Things to prepare: LCD projector; Jumbled up strips of paper describing feelings; colour paper; colour…

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