Shower shaving ledge

Enhance your shower routine with a convenient shaving ledge. Explore unique ideas to create a functional and stylish space for a smooth shaving experience.
Ledge in shower to rest foot while washing or shaving 2023 Bathrooms, Shower Ledge, Tub To Shower Remodel, Bathroom And Closet, Northwest Florida, Room Master, House Bathrooms, Primary Bathroom, Master Shower

room by room :: master bathroom

For the master bathroom, I utilized several of the same elements that were used in the downstairs bathroom. The freestanding vanities from Ikea worked perfectly as did the wall color, floor and wall tile. The layout is quite a bit different but as for the design, I only switched out the accent tile and how it was applied. After searching through endless accent tile options and balancing style with budget, I found a fabulous mini brick marble mosaic at Home Depot. I used in as a border and in…

Christene Patti