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Explore a collection of unique and creative scrap metal art ideas to add an artistic touch to your space. Get inspired and create your own masterpiece with these innovative projects.
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If you've been reading my posts about Sorticulture, you know that I had a blast at this event, my only regret being that I only had 5 hours to take it all in. Instead of doing one post with a lot of pictures, I'm spreading them out a bit. We've all seen wind chimes made with flatware but the clever combination of glass vessels and silverware by Glassafras Creations was a first for me. Beth Wright Designs came up with these cool wire work baskets planted up with succulents and adorned with…

Sue Fredrickson
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Did you ever think that the words beautiful, rusted and metal art works would be used in the same sentence? The odds that you have never imagined this if you are anything like us. The fact is rusting is a process the occurs when iron is exposed and this is known to be a corrosive process. You cannot imagine this looking pretty but leave it to an artist’s imagination and ingenuity to come up with pretty works of art using rusted metal. While you may find it difficult to wrap your mind around…

Ann Henninger
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This is a handmade scrap metal dozer. The bulldozer is crafted from nuts, bolts, washers, and wire all welded together. This is the perfect paperweight for your desk or the perfect gift for the farmer or tractor fan. This is pretty heavy and it is metal. The sharp edges have all been cleaned up and the bulldozer is sprayed with a clear polyurethane finish to help protect against rust. The overall size is approximately 5 inches long by 3 inches wide and 3 inches high. This item is handcrafted…

Prasenjit Chakraborty

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