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Immerse yourself in the grandeur of Scottish castles, witness their architectural beauty, and delve into their fascinating tales of kings, battles, and legends. Plan your trip to Scotland and experience the enchantment of these historic landmarks.
10 Scottish Castles that are straight out of a fairytale. These iconic landmarks in Scotland are a must see!! Some of the best castles in Inverness. Learn some little known facts about Scottish Castles before your trip.#scottishcastles #scottishcastle #castles #castle #scotland Inverness, Scottish Castles, Abandoned Castles, Highlands, Country, Castle Scotland, Scotland Castles, Medieval Castle, Castles In Scotland

Castles are one of the most iconic landmarks in Scotland. They simply just ooze history. The entire country of Scotland is breathtaking and a wonderful place to take a road trip through. There are so many castles in Scotland that it would be near impossible to see all of them

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In 1997, a woman refused to pay a £230 ($270) debt. Now, she's had to sell her Scottish castle. Knockderry Castle is for sale for £1,250,000 ($1,476,781). The 19th-century listed property boasts four reception rooms, multiple bedrooms, and a separate cottage.

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When you visit Scotland, you won't go far without seeing its medieval heritage—there are centuries-old castles from the northernmost reaches of the Orkney Islands down to Edinburgh and Glasgow, with more than a few choices across the Highlands. Better still? Many of these castles have been preserved and updated as five-star hotels, so you, too, can be royal. These are eight of the best.