Save the bees

Discover 10 simple ways you can make a difference and help save the bees. Support pollinators and create a bee-friendly environment in your own backyard today.
Image with title "6 ways you can save the bees". @SustainablyManaged. Colorful floral background, and bee stickers. Hexagon Grid with text- Skip synthetic pesticides in your garden, Make a bee bath in your yard or on your balcony, Plant native species and flowers, Cut down on your honey consumption and only buy local, Advocate for bee-friendly public spaces like parks, Educate yourself on the importance of pollinators How To Save The Bees, Save The Bees Project, World Bee Day Activities, Save The Bees Art, Bee Lapbook, Save The Bees Poster, Bee Facts For Kids, Conservation Poster, Honey Business

World Bee Day was a few days ago, but it can be a year-round and lifelong project to protect bee populations in the ecosystem around you! Bees and other pollinators are a vital part of our world and our food supply, but their populations have been rapidly declining for decades. Here are 6 things you can do to save the bees: Check out the post on Instagram for more! 🌱

Peggy Beyerlein