Sandwich display ideas coffee shop

Enhance your coffee shop experience with creative sandwich display ideas. Find inspiration to showcase your delicious sandwiches and entice customers to try them.
Fernandez & Wells | London- lovely coffee shop that also serves delicious croissants, pastries and cakes- Beak Street

After taking in Nicolas's exhibition at the Strand Gallery we repaired to the new Fernandez & Wells which has just opened at Somerset House for a brew and cake :-)

Colleen Cunningham
Cool sandwich display. I like the sandwiches already in paper bags.

The Dirty Apron is many things….a cooking school, delicatessen, grocer, and a lunch/dinner hot spot. They are owned by the creators of Cafe Medina and Chambar. They are actually located on the same block as well. Mandu and I passed by a few weeks ago and noticed this new place. It wasn’t until today that we decided

Vincéné Gyuris