Road opener oil

Discover the power of road opener oil and how it can help you remove obstacles and open new doors in your life. Find top ideas and rituals to incorporate road opener oil into your spiritual practice.
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Sometimes we get stuck. Blocked from our joy, abundance and magic and just can't see any progress. Our craft doesn't work, or backfires. Shit just keeps landing on our heads and we cannot figure out why.We get blocked in ways that we don’t see and we have to open the roads to allow our intentions and desires to reach us.We can remove these blockages with our craft with what's called a Road Opener Spell.

Angi Kimball
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Abre Camino oil is a wonderful spell oil, originating in Latin America, and used extensively in Hoodoo and Santeria. “Abre Camino” literally means “ open way”, and that’s precisely what this oil does. It removes roadblocks, clears blockages, opens doors, and makes new opportunities available to us. It can help us move forward when we find ourselves stuck. Who […]

Mercedes Ballon Richardson