Recycled gown

Discover stunning recycled gowns that are both unique and eco-friendly. Embrace sustainable fashion and make a statement with your next gown.
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35 Times Dresses Looked So Bad, They Deserved To Be Shamed On This Facebook Group (New Pics)

We can’t be held responsible for all the nightmares all of you Pandas with a decent sense of taste might have after reading this article! Have a quick chat with your inner fashion critics and tell them to get ready because the ride’s about to get rough. Ready? Awesome, let’s dive headfirst into the best recent pics posted by the fashion-conscious ‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress’ Facebook group.

Roxanna Vazquez
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50 Funny Examples Of People With No Taste Who Executed Their Ideas Perfectly (New Pics)

In 1992’s ‘Jurassic Park’, Jeff Goldblum’s character makes a scathing statement against the park’s owner for not considering the consequences of what they've created. He says, “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.”

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