Recycled fabric

Discover unique ways to repurpose and transform recycled fabric into stylish and eco-friendly creations. Get inspired to create one-of-a-kind pieces for your home and wardrobe.
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Sourcing fabric for sewing projects. There are a few main sources to collect the raw materials for sewing projects. If you sew, you will already have definitely realized that you have lots of small scraps of fabric. In this case the journey will be easier for you. Clothing from your closet or close family that you were thinking of getting rid of is a wonderful source of fabric. Another source is charity stores, op shops and the recycle industry. If you have access to the textile industry…

Sarah Alderfer
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11 million tons of textiles are sent to landfills each year. We aim to change that by using excess fabrics from other fashion houses to make clothing and accessories (often in small quantities). It helps the planet, and you get a one of a kind Christy Dawn dress handmade in LA.

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